Here's a small sample of the work we've done for various clients over the years.  Please feel free to contact us to request additional demos in any genre. 


Examples of content created for Mattel & fisher-Price


Music for Film and Animation

ImagiNEXT Apptivity Fortress Augmented Reality Experience


A unique and innovative product, the "Fisher-Price ImagiNext Apptivity Fortress," combines physical product and a beautifully designed iPad app interface to enhance play experience.  Depending on which character is engaged (wizard, troll, squire, knight, or archer), the  arrangement of certain musical themes changes to reflect the character's signature sound.  For example, the troll is represented by large lumbering horns, the squire by the lute, medieval hand percussion and harpsichord, the wizard-soaring strings, mystical choir and bells, the archer-swift winds, and the knight-triumphant horns and militant percussion.  


Songs in an An eclectic assortment of styles for various brands 

Sound-Alikes & Re-records 


Original music and new arrangements of classic songs.


Please note:  All audio examples found on this page are strictly for reference.